Playground Refurbishment

The resurfacing of the playground has been in the pipeline for a long time as it is a considerable investment of Parish funds. We have been concerned to make the right choice which will last the distance and, above all, be safe for our children. The current surface, while suitably soft, unfortunately attracts weeds but the new rubberised surface should be maintenance free. We will let you know when this project has been completed. 

On Saturday 16th February your Parish Council (plus partners and friends) assembled at the Village Playground to add some extra strengthening to the climbing equipment in preparation for the long-awaited resurfacing planned for the next few weeks. The structure, thankfully, was still pretty solid but the Parish Council felt it was advisable to add extra stanchions to the supports to make absolutely sure no rot had, or could, set in before the permanent rubber surface is added.

So our Deputy chair Tom Turner turned up with a lorry load of larch and various impressively powerful tools and the rest of us (Louise Brind, Judith Betney, Rob Brind and David Friend) arrived with shovels and sledge hammers and a sense of humour. As is so often the case a solid community effort brings its own rewards over and above the actual task in hand and I think we all enjoyed a fun though physically tiring day

Thanks to all who turned out and especially Rob and David!