Home Events Defibrillator Training – 7-9pm Thur 26th Sept

Defibrillator Training – 7-9pm Thur 26th Sept

by Chloe

As you may be aware a defibrillator has been installed outside the front door of the Village Hall and the South West Ambulance Service will be delivering training on how to use it.  This will cover what to do from making the 999 call, through to using the defibrillator during a cardiac arrest incident.

It is an AED type defibrillator as installed at other parishes including Tedburn St Mary, Whitestone and Ide. Using the defibrillator to restart the heart after a heart attack, during what is sometimes called the golden half hour can save lives, so it is a really worthwhile training session. 

All are welcome – no matter where you live.

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