Longdown Covid-19 Support Effort

We have been contacted by several Longdown residents concerned for the welfare of their neighbours during this present crisis. I am sure many of you are already supporting your nearest neighbours but in case some of our residents are not so lucky a support group has formed who can help people who are self-isolating and have no help from family or friends.

We can help by picking up essential shopping supplies , picking up medication and delivering these to your home or being on the end of the phone if you just want a chat to relieve the isolation. We will not ask to come into your home, of course, for the safety of all concerned.  Soon you should receive a leaflet through your door with a contact number and name on it, however the group will be sharing out the tasks amongst us so that we can all help in the best possible way.

The names of our Longdown resident volunteers (many of whom will be known to you) so far are:

  • Jane and Andy Booth
  • Sharon Rudland
  • Matthew and Helen Balcer
  • Celia Moore
  • Tracey Lee
  • Cassie Ludlam 
  • Chloe Bickley
  • Joanne Gomer
  • Louise Brind
  • Judith Betney
  • Marion Bulley
  • Chloe Wilson
  • Kate Morley
  • Claire Bowden

You can contact us by emailing [email protected] to request help or offer your help if you would like to join our group.

Thank you very much to everyone who is offering help and support in our community!