Difficult Decisions

It is amazing how COVID-19 has dominated so many things and changed so many plans. The issues of infections remain and there is still great anxiety and fear. The most vulnerable group of people, the people advised by the government to shield, are allowed to ease their isolation in August. These people will be allowed to return to work, to go out to the shops or return to school. They still need to be very cautious and take all the necessary precautions. The shielding advice is only paused and can be reintroduced if the infection rate increases. This presents a real dilemma, people are torn by the prospects of leaving isolation and restarting parts of their lives which have been paused. On the other hand, the threat of COVID-19 has not disappeared, just the threat has diminished. It will be a very hard choice to make for many people. This is still a difficult choice for many people who may not have been in the shielding category. There is safety in isolation and minimising the risk. However, for many people, the necessary issues of earning money and restarting their commitments outside of their homes is now a real and pressing issue. These issues add more worries and anxieties to an already difficult situation.

This is not unique to the difficulties we encounter with Coronavirus. If we reflect on other difficult times in our lives we see the same pattern of difficult decisions and anxieties building up and creating very real stress and anxieties. It is usually the combination of several different issues at the same time that we struggle with, it overwhelms us. We usually can not necessarily change the situation but instead, look at how to approach it. As we look at the Bible, we see many people struggling, they look to God for wisdom and strength to persevere. There are usually no easy solutions or miraculous transformations. It is something to be engaged with and worked at. As we look at Jesus’ life he found himself in the middle of conflict and an overwhelming demand on his time. The one clue that Jesus offers us in difficult times, is to make time to be still and quiet and talk to God. It helps us focus on what is important. The bible constantly reminds us to focus on the important things and not to be distracted by unimportant distractions. Many of us would rather do something that we enjoy instead of doing something difficult and important.

‘So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today.

Matthew 6 vs. 34

We are very much reminded to live in the present and to focus on what we can achieve today. We should grasp difficult issues and not leave them for another day. They have a habit of building up to something bigger. One of the hardest steps is to admit we are struggling and need some help. We can ask friends, family and God for help. It is often that help that makes all the difference!

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