Pilates/Wellbeing Class

The class is enjoyable in that you’ll be able to follow most of it and over a few weeks notice a significant difference in your posture, balance, strength and flexibility. Fran likes to make the classes interactive and a positive experience so that everyone will have a sense of achievement and improvement. You’ll be able to watch as Fran demonstrates exercises and gradually build on the basics over the weeks. Some small equipment to provide different challenges, interest and fun. 

Fran has worked as an intensive care nurse, studied Sports Science and is currently working as a masseur/wellbeing consultant in a beautiful healing space in her garden. She has a passion for enabling people to be as well as possible.

When and Where

Classes start at Longdown Village Hall every Tuesday evening at 6.45pm.


Currently for this trial period classes cost £7.50/session (drop in). Block booking will be discounted next year and drop in sessions remain at £7.50.

What to bring to class

Please wear loose comfortable and layered clothing. Bare foot or sticky socks/ballet style shoes and a yoga style mat

Fitness level

Suitable for most levels of fitness, although preferable to be able to get down and up from the floor. Different exercises will be offered for different ability. First few classes acquiring foundation knowledge and developing an awareness of your body learning how to move mindfully. The exercises are slow and gentle giving you time to assimilate the information and make adjustments.

Comments from participants

“Having always wanted to try Pilates but nervous about joining an established class, I am delighted Fran has started a class in Longdown.  She is very welcoming, patient and understanding.  She makes the class fun and easy to follow, with thorough explanations of how everything is connected and the benefits of each exercise.  After just 6 weeks, I feel a difference.  Between classes, I find myself consciously aware of my posture (and correcting it immediately!).  The class is so enjoyable, the time flies past and with the rigors of daily life, I always look forward to the relaxing mindful breathing at the end of each session.  I would highly recommend the class, come and try it for yourself. ” Kate Moore Nov 2019

Testimonial video from Longdown class participants

“Having been office and car bound I was very pleased to find Fran’s Pilates on my retirement. My stiff back and crunchy knees have responded very well to her gentle Pilates workouts and I have felt looser and more energised in just a few weeks. 18 months later I feel much more upright, supple and strong. Her enthusiasm for Pilates is infectious and her down to earth wellbeing advice ever practical and helpful. I look forward to her mindful breathing exercises to relax at the end of every class.” Antonia Renouf Sept 2018 


For more information please contact Fran@nobleyou.co.uk, www.nobleyou.co.uk or call on 07823446211.