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Longdown Flower and Garden Produce Show

The Longdown Garden Club Flower and Garden Produce Show has returned.  With classes for adults and children in Flowers, Arrangements, Cookery, Preserves, Eggs, Pot Plants, Fruit, Vegetables and Photography.

Our show is open to everyone, whatever your ages or experience. Please enter if you can even if this is only one class!


Flower Arrangements

1.     Platinum Jubilee – flower arrangement not exceeding 25 inches width and height
2.     Sunrise – vase of flowers not to exceed 12 inches width and height

Accessories are optional for all classes.


3.     Vase of 5 rose blooms, any colour or colours
4.     Most fragrant rose
5.     Floribunda rose – one stem
6.     Four cactus dahlias in a vase
7.     Four decorative dahlias in a vase
8.     Four Pompom dahlias in a vase
9.      Vase of ornamental grasses
10.    Flowering shrub – one spray in a vase
11.    Vase of annuals
12.    Vase of perennials
13.    Fuchsia – single – one spray
14.    Fuchsia – double – one spray
15.    Hydrangea Mophead – vase of 3 stems – one variety
16.    Hydrangea Lacecap – vase of 3 stems – one variety
17.   Gladioli – 3 of any colour or colours
18.   Sweet peas – 4 stems of any colour or colours
19.   Garden foliage – collection of 3 kinds

Pot Plants

20.  Pot plant – foliage
21.  Pot plant – in flower (other than geranium or fuchsia)
22.  Geranium in a pot – flowering
23.  Fuchsia in a pot
24.  Pot of cactus / succulent or collection of cacti / succulents
25.  Any plant grown from seed this year
26.  Any plant grown from cutting this year
27.  Garden ‘planter’ or container with plants of your choice


28. Three potatoes – white
29.  Three potatoes – coloured
30.  Three carrots
31.  Three onions – under 8 oz.
32.  Three onions – over 8 oz.
33.  Six shallots
34a  Four runner beans
34b Four French beans
35.  One squash – any variety
36.  Three beetroot
37.  One lettuce
38.  One indoor cucumber – best for table use
39.  Three courgettes
40.   Four tomatoes red/round – complete with calyx
41.   Four tomatoes special varieties – with calyx
42.   One truss of small-fruited tomatoes
43.   Longest runner bean
44.   Collection of three home grown fresh culinary herbs
45.   Any other vegetable


46. Dish of four cooking apples
47. Dish of four dessert apples
48. A dish of any other fruit

Cookery and Preserves

49. Any Quiche – your own recipe
50a. Pot of jam
50b. Pot of jelly
51. Pot of chutney
52. Jar of honey
53. Jar of lemon curd
54. Jar of marmalade
55. Any sponge – your own recipe
56. Bread loaf – your own recipe


57. Five eggs (same kind)

For Children and the Young at Heart Only

58. 4 decorated cup cakes
59. A ‘Painted dinosaur egg’
60. A Jar of Leaves (children only please!)

Children’s Prizes – 1st Prize £2, 2nd prize £1.50 and 3rd prize 75p


61. Colour in the garden
62. Trees, woods and forests
63. Rocks and stones
64. A path 

Taken within the past 12 months, max 7” x 5”, on a plain white mount.

Rules and Conditions

  1. All exhibits must be Exhibitor’s own produce, except for flower arrangements, cookery ingredients and Children’s classes.
  2. Exhibitors may show a maximum of two entries in each competitive class.
  3. The Committee will take ordinary care of all the exhibits but will not be responsible for any damage or loss.
  4. Each entry must be accompanied by a slip stating competitor’s name. Entries by children of 14 and under, please state age on name slip.
  5. Entries are not to be removed until after the presentation of trophies.
  6. Exhibits will be received between 10.00am and 11.15 on the day of the Show.
  7. All exhibits must be staged and the hall cleared of exhibitors by 11.30am.


Entry fee – 20p for each entry (children’s classes free)
Show admission – 50p
Children – Free

Refreshments available.



Aug 13 2022


2:30 pm
Longdown Village Hall


Longdown Village Hall
Chapel Hill, Longdown, Devon, EX6 7SN
Garden Club


Garden Club
[email protected]

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