Bell Ringing

Our tower is recorded as having had four bells in 1793, and five in 1843.  At some time later one bell was removed.  The oldest surviving bell is mediaeval, dating from the 14th century, and weighs 6 cwt. Two others of the originals remain.  They were cast in 1636 (5cwt) and 1654 (11cwt) and may have been given by the Dennis family.  They bear the Latin inscriptions “I am called by the beloved name of Jesus” and “All people rejoice as they hear my voice”.

In 1947 there were four bells in the tower, one of which was cracked.  This was recast and a new frame for six bells installed.  In 1988 funds were raised for two additional bells, one of 4.5 cwt., and one of 4 cwt., making the present ring of six.  One of these was dedicated to Prebendary Davey, the then Vicar, and the other to Jack Thomas of Whitestone, both of whom had provided great encouragement and expertise in training the new band of ringers.

When and Where

Practice night is Tuesday 8pm to 9pm at the Holcombe Burnell Church. Learners are welcome, the minimum age is 12 and there is no maximum age. Tuition is given and it can take up to 2 years before you can ring well. You must be able to stand and be reasonably fit!




For further information please contact Jane Blight on 01392 811246 or email [email protected]