A Foot in Both Camps

Easter Island Statues

The month of February encompasses the end of the Christmas celebration on the 2nd February and the beginning of Lent on Wednesday the 22th February.  February has one foot in Christmastide and one foot in Lent.

Looking for warmth in the coldest month

January is statistically the coldest month in the year on average although sadly February is not very much warmer. In the face of the cold, people seek refuge from it in the warmest places.

Getting Ready

Red candle and pine cones

December is the time to get ready for that which comes much later in the month. There are three and a half weeks of preparation before the celebration.

Lots to Remember

November is a month when we remember. On a light-hearted level, we remember the Guy Fawkes of 1605. On a more serious note, we remember Armistice Day.

Goodbyes and New Challenges

September sees us saying goodbye to Rev. Prof. Tim Gorringe. Tim’s final service is at 10.30 am at Holcombe Burnell on 4th September.

Examination Results Day Returns

Person throwing exam papers in the air

August is the time for exam results. The reintroduction of exams for both A level and GCSE after the COVID pandemic means that the exams have returned after two years.

New Possibilities and Exciting Things

Person in a body of water

July is notable for two things this year. The most important is the end of the summer term and the beginning of the school holidays. Secondly, the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Duty and Devotion

There is a story of the pig and the hen having a conversation about how they are so important in the traditional British way of life. They each have a part to play in the Great British cooked breakfast.