2021 An Olympic Year

Competitors swimming

I cannot explain why but I have always associated the Summer Olympic years with leap years. If there is a summer Olympic games then there is a 29th February that year.

New Expressions

Children hugging

June always seems to be the beginning of the summer. I always look forward to warmer weather, longer days and lighter evenings and even holidays! These hopes of future holidays and other such aspirations come now with a COVID 19 conditionality.

Bank Holidays in May

Holcombe Burnell Church with Blossom

May is unique in having two Bank Holiday Mondays, for many people it offers the prospect of two long weekends which may translate into a holiday away.

New Hope

gold crucifix on gray textile

Spring marks the beginning of a new season often associated with new life or a new start. It was often regarded as the start of a new year, a new beginning.

Uncertain Times

We are still in strange times with Covid-19. The infections have only just peaked and are starting to decline slowly which is hopeful news.

A new hope for a New Year

The year of 2020 will be remembered for the outbreak of Covid-19, social distancing, national lockdowns and sadly many more deaths than would normally be expected. It has been a very long time with little prospect of things changing soon. The hope of the vaccine seemed a long way into the future with no guarantee […]

Christmas but not the same as always

I think I managed only a couple of my monthly articles without talking about Covid-19. Sadly, it is very much back and giving us all real concerns and worries. There is already talk about what Christmas may be like with the restrictions of the rule of six or no households able to mix with one […]

Long Nights and Short Days

cold dark eerie environment

British summertime is over and the nights are drawing in quickly.  The evening begins with sunset at before five o’clock.  The days are getting shorter during November. The shortest day is on 21st December when the day length is just under eight hours.  It is no wonder that I feel the winter blues at the end of November, […]

Autumn Colours

trees in forest during sunset

As I write it is still very dry and hot and some of the trees have yellow leaves, or have lost their leaves because there is a shortage of water.  Nearly all of us are enchanted by the vivid reds and browns that emerge from the leaves.   I know several people who travel to forests to see […]