The Parish Council has received around £7,700 as part of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) payments for new building works in the parish.

During February and March 2021 the Parish Council conducted an online survey asking residents for ideas and suggestions such funding could be used for.

We had a fantastic response and the results of the survey are shown in the table below:

Improvements to village play area including covered seating area8.41%
Improving the bridle way to the Woodland Trust Cutteridge Wood site for better community access14.95%
Enhancing the woodland space adjoining the play area with better seating and nature enrichment16.82%
After the scheduled removal of the phone box to install some replacement lighting1.87%
Improvements to the surface of the footpath from the village hall to Church Lane3.74%
Vehicle activated speed sign9.35%
We as a family think a small skate area next to the play park would support older children in the village, enable them to have somewhere to meet and also keep them within our community. It will support their independence within the village5.61%
Vehicle speed signs are a waste of money. We need something similar to Tedburn or Kenton. A chevron so the traffic HAS to slow down. I drive at 29mph through the village and get overtaken by locals all the time. Check out Tedburns traffic control.5.61%
A footpath would be great as the cars speed down the road where all the bungalows are, so it means we have to walk on the road to get some exercise.23.36%
Footpath improvement2.80%
20 mph speed on Chapel Hill Longdown2.80%
What’s been suggested with the slowing down of traffic but also along the longdown straight as when we pull out you get transport going so fast your afraid to pull out into the road1.87%
Conversion of some of the verge on the Longdown Straight to a parking area0.93%
Outdoor fitness/gym area1.87%

In due course, the Parish Council report back how the funds have been allocated.

7 Responses

  1. The stile and steps on the footpath from Holcombe Burnell Corner to the Church (situated 50 degrees 42’43 N 3 degrees 37’20 W) needs serious attention, it has become hazardous especially for the older members of the community.

  2. We need to improve the safety for traffic turning right from Chapel Hill onto the B3212. Along with the traffic calming suggestions already proposed, a simple convex mirror situated oposite the junction would enable drivers to see traffic approaching from the Dunsford direction (often at speed!) It would such a small price to pay and prevent serious injury and damage.

  3. Agree to signs / speed bumps to slow traffic down and improve safety when turning right from Chapel Hill onto main road.

    Agree to skate area (or other forms of amenities for older children) in the Village Hall car park as it would be wonderful if we could encourage older children to get together more (Covid-19 permitting).

  4. The bridleways need improvement. The one near the racing stables is apparently a road yet it is clearly signed as a bridleway by Devon County Council and is also considered as such on their website. My pony has nearly been hit several times by impatient drivers although I am riding on a bridleway and we did have a collision with a driver two years ago. Building more houses etc on a bridleway has increased the traffic along it especially with the holiday homes making it busier. Please look into this as I know we are all becoming tired of people unaware of horse safety.

    1. I second that comment, been run off the road down there, and there is a sheer drop along the bottom!

  5. with tractors and farm machinery becoming bigger and bigger . Our bridleways need upkeep. Perhaps you can help horse riders , and walkers with access to bridlepaths and footpaths.

  6. Horse riding is popular in this area, yet the bridleways are extremely limited. Access via the gates whilst on a horse is awkward on the Cutteridge path. Upkeep of bridleways and ease of access would be most helpful.

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