Winter, think birds!

Winter is upon us and now is a good time to think about the actions we can take for birds. Many birds are struggling and their numbers are declining. However there is much that we can do to help them. 

Food and Water

There are so many different types of bird food available to buy. Always make sure your feeders are clean to stop the risk of infection.

Birds need clean and fresh water sources to drink and bathe, so please create a bird bathing station as well as supplying bird food

Plant for Birds and Wildlife

Plant trees such as Holly, Wild Cherry, Elder and Rowan for berries and also cover. Apple trees are great for insects that in turn will feed birds. Leave areas a bit scruffy and perhaps plant some hedging plants as these are crucial habitats. Winter is the time for tree planting.

Bird Boxes

Create a bird box or if you have children this is a great opportunity to build and decorate one.

If you have existing bird boxes then winter is the perfect time for cleaning them out and checking they are ready for use in the Spring.

Take Part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch

This citizen science project is crucial for looking at bird numbers and distribution as well as looking at areas where some birds are doing well. This year it is on the 29 – 31 January 2021. 

For more details please visit the RSPB Birdwatch website.

Individually we can make a difference and together we can allow nature to thrive.

Kate Morley
Parish Nature Warden
Email: [email protected] Mobile: 07704122990.