Longdown Gardening Summer Schedule

The Longdown Gardening Club are back with a busy summer schedule, culminating in our Village Flower and Garden Produce Show at the Longdown Village Hall on Saturday 13th August.

Our full summer schedule is below:

Thursday 19 May

Guided walk at Dawlish Warren to study flora and the work of the nature reserve. Meet at Dawlish Warren reserve centre at 2pm or car share from the village hall at 1pm. 

Friday 10 June

Trip to Jenny Tuckett’s garden at Marshall Farm (Yellow Book No.55). Featuring wildflower gardens, gravel beds, pond, parterre garden and a vegetable and cutting garden. Car share from the village hall at 2pm. 

Wednesday 29 June

Visit the Garden House. Car share from the village hall at 12:30pm. 

Wednesday 13 July

Tea and cakes and garden walk at 2.30 pm. 

Saturday 13 August

Village Flower and Garden produce Show at 2:30pm at the Village Hall.

This will include a photography competition run by Sheila Ruffett with the following categories: 

  1. Colour in the Garden
  2. Trees, Woods and Forests
  3. Rocks and Stones
  4. A Path

Everyone is welcome, so if you are new to the village or just interested in some of these trips please join us. 

For more details contact Sacha Palfrey ( 01392 811469), Sheila Ruffett or Sue Mansfield (01392 811816)